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Lot of us know a God who is more like Zeus
high on the throne with His book of rules
Looking through a lens of platonic view
Influence thought with distorted truth
If God is love then He can’t be solo
When love requires us someone to co know
...Repeat it in slow mo
When Love requires us someone to co know
Before creation this union existed
...designed in their image
Encrypted in code….written uniquely
Without expectation you gave us so freely
Knowing that some... would turn from the kindness
Still you pursue as we hold up our blinders.
...Still you remind us
That even your wrath is a siren of kindness
A siren of kindness
A passionate no to the things that will bind us

Religion demands that we love with perfection
When really you search for a heart of reception
Someone who lays on the altar of lovers
Glory consuming so awesome with wonder.
Remember that summer you called me beloved
You wrecked me forever now go back is never
Now go back is never
The God I made up in my mind has been severed
Reckless endeavors to stand at the entrance
And hope that you notice a wretch in your presence
A wretch in your presence
If really Im honest with current perceptions
If really I’m honest with my own reflection
I’m closer to death Than to your resurrection.

And still you pursue me in my imperfections.

So often I made you a notch and a checklist
A dance and a song and I hope you accept it
When really you love me and never expect it
But you never reject it
You sit and you clap
As you smile as you listen to my little gestures
Who made this illusion with all of its pressure

You tell me practice and keep getting better
though I perform with the heart of a jester
Help me to see me as more than a step son
Repeated attempts to measure up nexta

All of these efforts you really detest em
A standard perfection you never requested
You never requested
A thing but my heart in response to your blessing.
Just Honest connection
The way lovers dance at a wedding reception
And all the guests watch as the two move in step with
...The rhythms of grace… glasses all raised
toast to the bride and the groom face to face
Eyes intertwined in the deepest of ways
In to me you see the shame
quick to pull a blade project my inner pain
made a God in my image so quick at throwing shade.
Quick at throwing shade
No match for your face that radiates grace
shadows do a dash like they running a race
Yeah They running for safe
masterpiece me God chisel away.


from Travis and The Ghost, released August 16, 2019
Written, Produced and Recorded by Travis Lee Gluckler


all rights reserved



Travis and The Ghost Las Vegas, Nevada

Travis and the Ghost is formerly known as Doc Jones. Although his music has Hip Hop roots you can hear the undertones of reggae, electronic and acoustic soul throughout the new album.

Travis has dedicated his life to pouring into youth and young adults who have a passion for creative expression. He is currently launching an after school program called YTH in the heart of Las Vegas.
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