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Highly Grounded

from Travis and The Ghost by Travis and The Ghost



Why am I so high yet my feet are on the ground
I must be in heaven far above the clouds
Lifted in your love with my feet planted firm
Tethered to the truth that I find in your words

I am just like you
I am just like you
In every single way
I am just like you

They say I’m crazy thinking I could be like God
You told me we are one I read it there in John
I heard it from your voice your Spirit spoke it to my heart
We are one, you are my son. Now go and play your part.
Its hypostatic by the union we exist
I am a vessel of His glory as He gives
I think it’s time we lift the veil and take the ownership
Temple of His Spirit manifest instead of quoting scripts
They searched the word for life and couldn’t recognize
Son of man came in flesh and stood in plain sight
Rejected revelation Holy Spirit testifies.
Blind brood of vipers dare to question who am I

They say I’m looney thinking i could heal the blind
He told me that we could right there Luke 10 and 9
Some think it’s blasphemy to walk just like my Father
Listen this is all I know How could I do it any other
Sinner saved by grace who I was I am no longer
Stronger in the faith and He will finish what He authored
As long I abide I will produce these fresh creations
And duplicate His love across the globe to many nations
If only you could see yourself from Papa God’s perspective
Then you would see that you and him are really quite reflective
He made you in His image that is not just a cute scripture
That’s realer than the ceiling that you standing on He lift ya”

Ya see you can only be like Jesus
to the measure of faith that you already are.
I cannot be more or less like Jesus than I already am today.
Tomorrow will not change that. You see we forget that identity is not determined by behavior but Identity proceeds behavior. You wanna be more like Jesus we’ll wake up and realize that He has already given you His Spirit, His glory, His likeness And everything you will ever need to be.


from Travis and The Ghost, released August 16, 2019
Written, Produced and Recorded by Travis Lee Gluckler


all rights reserved



Travis and The Ghost Las Vegas, Nevada

Travis and the Ghost is formerly known as Doc Jones. Although his music has Hip Hop roots you can hear the undertones of reggae, electronic and acoustic soul throughout the new album.

Travis has dedicated his life to pouring into youth and young adults who have a passion for creative expression. He is currently launching an after school program called YTH in the heart of Las Vegas.
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