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You might have a lot of people fooled. But not me!
But not me. I see through it. Fake Money!

I know a man who never sinned. HUH?
He took my deeds and gave me His. HUH?
He told me never sin again. Like What?
Oooh we bout to start a trend. Come Up! Come Up!
Counterfeit currency certainly a murder scene
Tricky on the surface with purpose appearing perfectly
Take a peek to search and see and soon discern the perjury
Where curtains bleed with hidden schemes to burn you with the third degree
Shadrach in the furnace, Meshach popping kernels. Abednego said fire it up
Cause Jesus up in here turnin.
Nebuchadnezzar will never impress us with statues or weapons
we catching a blessing Skrrrrr
Heir to the king so my pockets is fleek and I am not flexing

They tried to tempt me with money
Almost got me with them honeys
Been trained up for the real deal
Yeah Papa ain't raise no dummy
Gotta good wife she rocked up
4 times done knocked up
Gotta dope team we flocked up
My shot clutch when the clocks up
That's fools gold you flashing
Fast talking with your hands up
But you and I know who my Dad is
Got Mansions for the fam tough
I'm so rich on this son ship
Him and I yeah we run this
That royal blood running my veins
Humble king serving up love yep

Fake Money
Fake money
Why you over here
tryna spend this fake money with me
Fake money
Fake money
Throw it in the air make it rain
and start running for the real


from Travis and The Ghost, released August 16, 2019
Written, Produced and Recorded by Travis Lee Gluckler
Background Vocals by Jelayna Bosket


all rights reserved



Travis and The Ghost Las Vegas, Nevada

Travis and the Ghost is formerly known as Doc Jones. Although his music has Hip Hop roots you can hear the undertones of reggae, electronic and acoustic soul throughout the new album.

Travis has dedicated his life to pouring into youth and young adults who have a passion for creative expression. He is currently launching an after school program called YTH in the heart of Las Vegas.
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