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Travis and The Ghost

by Travis and The Ghost

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The Ascent 02:02
My hands have been trained battle My fingers made for war My heart filled with passion For a beauty worth fighting for My feet are sure and steady My grip is tried and true My protectors surround me closely As enemies plot my doom There’s a hunger deep inside my soul says it’s dinner time As I approach the path that's laid with both eyes on the finish line There’s a moment I recline second guessing my gusto But I can’t deny the forward voice Will I make it I must know I refuse to live from a place of fear safety is not my home And there’s a courage I don’t possess I know it’s not my own Before I ascend I must go deep to release the promises buried Resurrect the sacrifices of those who passed before me Love compels to the lowest parts where the treasure to rise is found For the depth and height are equally true In glory extending from ground Empower me with the grace I need to finish strong and see this through To not give up under the test of tension The pain of pressing cause I know it's you With me I do not climb alone I do not fight solo I will defy gravity And I will win
When they tell you that’s a pipe dream Stick to your creed like Nicene or Apollo Like fighting Drago And victory got flavors You can taste when they go bravo Sideline haters looking like Jafar and Yago If they say you can’t do it Then consider it done If You can see it in your mind You got the vision to run Too much potential In this temple To simply settle for less Everything you put your hands Multiplies cause it’s blessed Deep down do you know you got it When the pressure on 4 seconds left And everybody watching When they pass the rock And you release But will it drop in When the buzzer beats Was the shot locked in Or will you freeze Ain’t nobody breathe This your only option Victory is yours It’s just a moment away. And We already won We just a second delayed If you only knew You got everything you need Take a long look in the mirror And tell me that you believe
Fake Money 03:08
You might have a lot of people fooled. But not me! But not me. I see through it. Fake Money! I know a man who never sinned. HUH? He took my deeds and gave me His. HUH? He told me never sin again. Like What? Oooh we bout to start a trend. Come Up! Come Up! Counterfeit currency certainly a murder scene Tricky on the surface with purpose appearing perfectly Take a peek to search and see and soon discern the perjury Where curtains bleed with hidden schemes to burn you with the third degree Shadrach in the furnace, Meshach popping kernels. Abednego said fire it up Cause Jesus up in here turnin. Nebuchadnezzar will never impress us with statues or weapons we catching a blessing Skrrrrr Heir to the king so my pockets is fleek and I am not flexing They tried to tempt me with money Almost got me with them honeys Been trained up for the real deal Yeah Papa ain't raise no dummy Gotta good wife she rocked up 4 times done knocked up Gotta dope team we flocked up My shot clutch when the clocks up That's fools gold you flashing Fast talking with your hands up But you and I know who my Dad is Got Mansions for the fam tough I'm so rich on this son ship Him and I yeah we run this That royal blood running my veins Humble king serving up love yep Fake Money Fake money Why you over here tryna spend this fake money with me Fake money Fake money Throw it in the air make it rain and start running for the real
True Blood 04:06
Doorstep 03:14
I know you hear me at your doorstep Why won't you let me in I don't want to force my way in but something's gotta give I know you scared It's hard for you to trust another Burned too many times By the words of those who supposed to love ya Knock knock this is not a joke You know my voice and tone I even tried to ring your phone I know I know you hear me on the other side Cause I hear you breathing I promise this the real deal You know that I ain't leaving Turn a dark room Into a place of feasting Take every heart wound and replace with freedom This is healing season you know you know
Lot of us know a God who is more like Zeus high on the throne with His book of rules Looking through a lens of platonic view Influence thought with distorted truth If God is love then He can’t be solo When love requires us someone to co know ...Repeat it in slow mo When Love requires us someone to co know Before creation this union existed ...designed in their image Encrypted in code….written uniquely Without expectation you gave us so freely Knowing that some... would turn from the kindness Still you pursue as we hold up our blinders. ...Still you remind us That even your wrath is a siren of kindness A siren of kindness A passionate no to the things that will bind us Religion demands that we love with perfection When really you search for a heart of reception Someone who lays on the altar of lovers Glory consuming so awesome with wonder. Remember that summer you called me beloved You wrecked me forever now go back is never Now go back is never The God I made up in my mind has been severed Reckless endeavors to stand at the entrance And hope that you notice a wretch in your presence A wretch in your presence If really Im honest with current perceptions If really I’m honest with my own reflection I’m closer to death Than to your resurrection. And still you pursue me in my imperfections. So often I made you a notch and a checklist A dance and a song and I hope you accept it When really you love me and never expect it But you never reject it You sit and you clap As you smile as you listen to my little gestures Who made this illusion with all of its pressure You tell me practice and keep getting better though I perform with the heart of a jester Help me to see me as more than a step son Repeated attempts to measure up nexta All of these efforts you really detest em A standard perfection you never requested You never requested A thing but my heart in response to your blessing. Just Honest connection The way lovers dance at a wedding reception And all the guests watch as the two move in step with ...The rhythms of grace… glasses all raised toast to the bride and the groom face to face Eyes intertwined in the deepest of ways In to me you see the shame quick to pull a blade project my inner pain made a God in my image so quick at throwing shade. Quick at throwing shade No match for your face that radiates grace shadows do a dash like they running a race Yeah They running for safe masterpiece me God chisel away.
My King 04:03
What kind of king wears a crown of thorns He lays his life down for the ones he loves What kind of king comes down from his throne To make a way for a man like me That's my King the righteous ruler He gave it all for me That's my King my redeemer if anybody asks you tell em that's my King If you don’t know who I’m talking about that’s the king of kings not to laugh about The bread of life passing rations out Supply never dry get your basket out I bet you never thought I’d take the Pastor route Made more disciples got a mass amount River with flow how we flash a drought Liquid in the house got cash accounts Wait for the return the way Elastic bounce Devil done lost shooting Plastic rounds As we count cost laying Passions down Make way for the King palm branches out If We don’t shout then the rocks are loud Bigger than Coachella how He flocking crowds Bet ya next year they be jocking sounds I Do it for the King Hashtag I’m out
Why am I so high yet my feet are on the ground I must be in heaven far above the clouds Lifted in your love with my feet planted firm Tethered to the truth that I find in your words I am just like you I am just like you In every single way I am just like you They say I’m crazy thinking I could be like God You told me we are one I read it there in John I heard it from your voice your Spirit spoke it to my heart We are one, you are my son. Now go and play your part. Its hypostatic by the union we exist I am a vessel of His glory as He gives I think it’s time we lift the veil and take the ownership Temple of His Spirit manifest instead of quoting scripts They searched the word for life and couldn’t recognize Son of man came in flesh and stood in plain sight Rejected revelation Holy Spirit testifies. Blind brood of vipers dare to question who am I They say I’m looney thinking i could heal the blind He told me that we could right there Luke 10 and 9 Some think it’s blasphemy to walk just like my Father Listen this is all I know How could I do it any other Sinner saved by grace who I was I am no longer Stronger in the faith and He will finish what He authored As long I abide I will produce these fresh creations And duplicate His love across the globe to many nations If only you could see yourself from Papa God’s perspective Then you would see that you and him are really quite reflective He made you in His image that is not just a cute scripture That’s realer than the ceiling that you standing on He lift ya” Ya see you can only be like Jesus to the measure of faith that you already are. I cannot be more or less like Jesus than I already am today. Tomorrow will not change that. You see we forget that identity is not determined by behavior but Identity proceeds behavior. You wanna be more like Jesus we’ll wake up and realize that He has already given you His Spirit, His glory, His likeness And everything you will ever need to be.
If He calls us sons and daughters How He longs for you to come How much more will the Father Give us the Spirit if we ask Write Your word upon the tablet Of my heart I won’t forget Oh my soul thirsts for You Lord Just how deep calls to deep Teach me how to love Like the Father Teach me how to love Like the Son Teach me how to love Like your Spirit Teach me how to love Like You Do Teach us Teach us How to love like You Your love is jealous for me always Furiously in pursuit If a man could ever purchase He’d sell everything he owned Teach us teach us To love or else they won't believe us Are we deceived to Think that we could just release it Without receiving Like skipping steps and procedures Banned from the garden but never taken from Eden Can't escape the tent of meetings So I stay seated He commanded me to be loved And so I heed it. The branches abide by high design in the vine So we recline sipping fine wine sign of the times Supply never depleted. Hoorah never defeated Advance the kingdom led by Jesus The only who could teach us To love so they believe us Do you believe us Teacher teach us Spirit leads us Father free us
Illuminate 03:28
From sunrise to sunset I haven’t seen one yet Identical to the one next Set in motion by one yes Light sparked as you spoke Hexicolors with blue notes Brighter than art by gusto A world marked by true hope When I see you I will be like you Face to face I was made to be like you Made to Shine like you Illuminate like you When you see me Looking just like you Same fire Burning bright like you Made shine like you illuminate like you Flood this house with your light Radiate you fill the sky Your love is strong to purify You illuminate this place Your goodness shines on me And these shadows have to leave Your face shines on me You illuminate this place When they see me Do they see you Filled with your light I was made to be like you Illuminate just like you I Was made to be like you You lift us up you set us high A city in a hill built in plain sight They come from miles captivated by the shine His Luminescence Remove depression Here’s a room to rest in That’s true repentance 70 x 7 to Resume the blessing It’s overwhelming In your presence When you loose the tension I’m content at the entrance Yet you share the kingdom From the tomb you descended To the lowest parts with a torch like And You knew how to get home Cause papa left on the porch light Then 10 days went by in the upper room made the core shine Tongues of fire fell and rested on the team a for sure sign
I’m living proof that love is real Watch my life you might catch a feel lifetime movie with mass appeal How love transforms You see I can try to leave but could never escape And love would chase me down when I ran away Remind me who I am when we face to face Your love transforms Fear has to leave when I am lost in your love. I am over my head in grace. And all my doubt disappears when I am covered in truth why would I move from this place. I’m the one You love I am Your favorite one Your goodness keeps me close I’m the one You love I am Your favorite one You never let me go If I’m being honest I am scared of love Cause love is light and reveals it all What else can I lose but everything I am Show me whats real But you see through it all Past the flesh and bones Right into my heart Piercing to my soul You call me up Yes love calls me higher What if I should fall You already on the ground Ima risk it all surrender here and now Covered in the truth Love makes me brand new
Daily ID 02:26
I went from who am I to who I am An orphan mind to a mighty Lion Habitual liar to glory reciter Ooh I’m excited to tell you bout my archetype. You see Adam was just the proto And sold his ID for some fruit of the looms Then Israel traded God’s plan for a Drake song on repeat for 40 years Till Jesus sold himself for 30 pieces and a hilltop view So I could sit beside Him with this 20/20 vision So we could rule the Kingdom with a heavenly perspective You revealed your name to Moses as the only name I could use to make a personal declaration. I AM. My ID is duplicated but never replicated Genetic code rewritten creation stands in awe. I am something they never seen before. This is my Daily ID every morning got a new song on repeat 40 years in the making to complete the repertoire Then one day my memory lapsed. A momentary delusion of confusion So I ran laps around my memories singing I am who He says I am. I am who He says I am You try it. I am who he says I am. I am who he says I am. And you don’t get to tell me different. Now every lie that used to boast in accusations crumbles under the glow of my Holy Ghost. You see they tried to tell me that my ID expired last December They told me I couldn’t travel without a passport They told me I couldn’t serve God with my track record. So I ran laps around that track singing Who the Sons sets free is free indeed. Who the son sets free is free indeed Who the son sets free is free indeed Then my memory lapsed on all the times they used to disqualify my name. indeed Who You say I am is all I ever need to be. indeed You call me son, beloved, Your favorite. Indeed My ID runs deep. Ingrained in my DNA indeed. Scribed on the heart that pumps Grace In my veins indeed. In Your name indeed. By Your word indeed. My ID runs deep. Say something! Go ahead and tell me who you think I AM And I will run a memory lapse around you till every thought Is shackled and taken captive to my salvation. Don’t play with my ID.


released August 16, 2019


all rights reserved



Travis and The Ghost Las Vegas, Nevada

Travis and the Ghost is formerly known as Doc Jones. Although his music has Hip Hop roots you can hear the undertones of reggae, electronic and acoustic soul throughout the new album.

Travis has dedicated his life to pouring into youth and young adults who have a passion for creative expression. He is currently launching an after school program called YTH in the heart of Las Vegas.
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