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Training Camp Mixtape

by Travis and The Ghost

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Worldwide Intro (free) 01:47
Not Guilty (Freedom) (free) 04:15
Reborn Brand new like a baby My Lord Died so He could save me I was lost Helpless like a baby Now Im found and reborn Thank the Lord I got delivered.
Lifted ft Braveheart (free) 01:37
Chorus 1 IC Getcha Praise On, Getcha Praise On. And Getcha Praises Up and Getcha Praise Strong x2 Chorus 2 DOC He yo God then lift Him Up He yo God then lift Him Up He yo God then lift Him Up Praise Him, Praise Him x2 Doc verse Get low in the presence of the most high/ and find your rest in His shadow El Shadai/ He is my shelter, my place of safety/ Put your trust in my God, He will bless you greatly/ He paid the price, so keep your sacrifice/ He wants obedience, that's everything, Your whole life/ We stand with no fear, so demons stand clear/ Im so on fire my flesh burn, thats pan seared/ If He yo God then lift Him up/ Praise like you know whats up/ He yo God then lift Him Up/ Break that bread and sip His cup Eat His flesh and drink His blood/ Cross on my back my shoulder strong/ All things through Christ who strengthens me/ Getcha, Getcha Praise On. Chorus 2 DOC He yo God then lift Him Up He yo God then lift Him Up He yo God then lift Him Up Praise Him, Praise Him x2 IC Verse ...
Doc Jones: I am not a rapper and these are not songs/ more like poems to infect truth to those/ domes ice cold to core with brains froze/ cant sleep a wink wired like no doze/ condemned by the word waiting to throw stones/ we all deserve death just souls with no home/ Self made kings ruling no thrown/ paper crowns from BK rocking with Doc Jones. Break: Its not about me that's why I rap with ghost face/ eyes on Christ even though my flows great/ these are just words from a sinner been saved/ by grace through faith acquitted through his pain/ Why wait eternal life starts today/ meet death and resurrect no need to pre pay/ enojoy the word play we having a field day/ kicking balls at the devil and watch it in replay. Chorus: Feel Good music bumpin in my ride Even though the windows up you know whos inside Its the Doc and GOD spread the word about His Son who gave His life for me. Cmon Feel Good music bumpin in my ride Even though the windows up you know whos inside Its the Doc and GOD spread the word about His Son who gave His life, life, life IC Jonez:
Verse One: They call me D.O.C a name you never heard of/ Step to the mic, commit lyrical murder/ Holy Spirit fire step or get burned up/ Put your bibles in the and and say "Word Up"/ I get it from my Dad styles I got a surplus/ Beware of false doctrine tryna church us/ Where the workers, Missionary Servants/ Too many preach prosperity in and out they sermons/ Making me Nervous, its like a circus/ We only live to give love and that is our purpose/ Lets take it back to Acts 2 where Jesus birthed this/ Pray and break bread honor God with real worship/ Yall feel convicted, wish you never heard this/ Should've pressed pause fast fwd through my verses/ So what I rap good, without God Im worthless/ Stop selling lies the truth you cant purchase/ Chorus: God, He Said, Just Go and Make Disciples of all the nations. So We Go, We Teach, We Pray, Go hard in these streets everyday Gwan and Let that Bump!!!
Lyrics: Jesus is a bright light and me Im just a little Christ so Ima shine my little light and lead em to eternal life/ in a world full of lost souls, amazed how many cross those in search of truth, somekinda proof of what the cross holds/ Nobody ever shared the life or the way or maybe people did, but you never could accept grace/ In a world built on karma, an eye for an eye, revenge blood stain martyrs, even friends turn against us/ A war against our own flesh beneath our skin, its all violent mass murder suffocating in sin/ screaming SOS somebody save our souls, so He sent His Son, so He loved the world/ and all you have to do is believe He came flesh to die for you and I resurrect defeat death/ He never wanted you to perish receive this life, eternal living in His presence for believing in Christ/ Read it for yourself open up the fourth gospel, find the third chapter uncover love like a fossil/ and me Im just a little light, together we could shine bright, guiding those who living in darkness and out of sight/ We need a little light!


As I work on Vol 2 of DOCWorldwide this Trainging Camp mixtape is more raw spitting, shorter songs, just for fun, stress relief and all of the above. Not sure how many tracks Im going to put on here but it should be a shorter track list, I may drop some singles from DOCWorldwide here as I get closer to the release end of 2012


released March 2, 2012


all rights reserved



Travis and The Ghost Las Vegas, Nevada

Travis and the Ghost is formerly known as Doc Jones. Although his music has Hip Hop roots you can hear the undertones of reggae, electronic and acoustic soul throughout the new album.

Travis has dedicated his life to pouring into youth and young adults who have a passion for creative expression. He is currently launching an after school program called YTH in the heart of Las Vegas.
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